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Cannabis customers will find no shortage of high-intensity cannabis strains in legal dispensaries. However, ultra-high THC doesn’t necessarily mean “better cannabis.” Sure, THC-laden strains will have a profound effect, but they aren’t the optimal choice for many customers. For a sizable group of tokers, the perfect high is only possible with microdosing. 

A few milligrams of cannabis is all it takes for some cannabis users to get the relief they need. While it’s nowhere near as potent as slapping shatter in a dab rig, low doses have many legitimate uses for cannabis fans.  

Why Are More People Microdosing Cannabis?

As cannabis restrictions continue to loosen in many states, more people want to incorporate this herb into their daily lives. Microdosing is the ideal way to take advantage of THC’s relaxing properties without hindering productivity or concentration. Since you’re only taking a tiny dose of THC in each session, you shouldn’t feel “high.” Instead, people who microdose THC claim they feel a gentle sense of calm and heightened awareness. 

Interestingly, there’s new research out of Israel that suggests low doses of THC could provide patients with much-needed relief. Compared with patients given placebos, study participants who took tiny amounts of THC every day had fewer pain symptoms. Doctors also claimed there were no adverse reactions associated with low THC use. 


It’s also is a fantastic way for new cannabis consumers to experiment with THC safely. Even if people are prone to anxiety, a microdose of THC shouldn’t provoke adverse reactions like a panic attack. In fact, there’s now evidence that people who take low doses of THC may experience anxiety relief. 

Another benefit of microdosing is that it helps reduce your THC tolerance. Like any other drug, the effects of cannabis will weaken with repeated uses. The more THC you take per week, the more likely you’ll need more THC to experience the same “high.” However, when you microdose THC, you significantly reduce the risk of developing a THC tolerance and increase the possibility of achieving the perfect high. 

What’s The Best Way To Microdose Weed? 

Since precise dosing is critical, it makes sense to use products that are easy to measure. Most people prefer consuming edibles, tinctures, or capsules because they are the easiest to dose accurately. These cannabis products also tend to have less intense effects compared with cannabis flowers, vape carts, or concentrates. 

There’s no “standard microdose” amount, but novices should consider starting with 1 – 2.5 milligrams. Remember: You should never feel “high” after taking a microdose. If you’re doing it right, the THC will have a sub-perceptible effect on your endocannabinoid system. 

Attain the Perfect High With an MJ Microdosing Schedule 

As more people use cannabis as a part of their daily wellness routine, low-dose protocols will become mainstream. By taking tiny traces of THC, you get to enjoy this cannabinoid’s benefits without feeling “zoned out.” Customers who are looking for a slight boost throughout their day should consider a microdosing regimen.