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Today, we have numerous options for using cannabis. Concentrates, in particular, have been gaining significant popularity recently. These high-potency products bring big results in a small package. There are several different types of concentrates on the market. Here, we’ll discuss the use of shatter dabs for a potent high.

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are what the name suggests: concentrated cannabis products.

Many are solvent extracts, made by passing a solvent (such as butane or supercritical CO2) over the plant material to pull out the cannabinoids. Others are solventless, using heat and pressure to extract the beneficial compounds of the plants. The result is a highly concentrated, extremely potent concentrate.

shatter concentrates

Shatter Dabs

Shatter is a type of concentrate that uses a solvent to extract the beneficial compounds in the cannabis plant. Following the extraction of the cannabinoids, the raw concentrate undergoes a “cleaning” process. The mixture gets heated to evaporate and dispose of the solvent.

It then sits to harden into a thin, brittle, translucent sheet. It’s often regarded as the purest extract and boasts a THC content of 80% or more.

How Shatter Compares to Other Concentrates

As we mentioned, shatter is a thin, brittle concentrate. Where it gets left to sit undisturbed, other concentrates get whipped during the “cleaning” process. How the raw extract gets agitated determines the final product. For instance, concentrates that undergo vigorous whipping result in crumble, drier, crumblier products.

A gentler agitation leads to smoother products known as budder.

How to Use Shatter

One of the most common ways to use shatter is with a dab rig, a specially equipped water pipe. With this method, you heat the nail of the rig until it’s red hot. After waiting eight to ten seconds, apply the shatter to the nail and inhale slowly through the mouthpiece.

Inhaling too quickly could result in hurting your lungs with vapor that’s too hot. Make sure that you’re using a very small amount of concentrate, as you could get too much THC in your system at once.

Dabbing may be a popular method of using shatter, but it’s not the only one. Some users enjoy adding a small amount of the concentrate to their joint to enhance their overall experience. It’s also a good method for people interested in using concentrates but who have never tried them before.

You can also use shatter in a vape pen or dissolve it into cooking oil or fat to make potent edibles.

Benefits of Shatter

One of the most significant benefits of shatter dabs is that it provides an incredibly fast way to introduce cannabinoids into your system. You feel the effects almost instantly. Other benefits include:

  • You need a much smaller amount to achieve your desired results
  • Your stash goes longer
  • You’re inhaling vapor, rather than burnt plant matter and other carcinogens
  • It tends to last longer than other concentrates due to its more stable molecular structure