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Keeping your bud fresh is important for getting the best cannabis experience. If you like to buy in bulk or you grow your own bud, then you need to find a long term cannabis storage solution to preserve its qualities. Here’s what you need to know about keeping cannabis tasting great for as long as possible. 

Why Cannabis Goes Bad

To keep cannabis fresh, you need to know why it gets stale. Stale cannabis not only smells funky, it also loses the THC and CBD that make it worthwhile, as those compounds degrade. 

Luckily, the major causes of stale cannabis are easily avoidable. There are three things that lead to bud going bad in storage: light, high temperatures, and moisture. 

Keep your bud out of the light as much as possible If you’ve ever seen a faded billboard that’s been washed out after years of sun exposure, you’ve seen how powerful light can be at breaking things down. Keep your bud in the dark if you want it to stay good for months or years at a time. 


Cannabis is best stored at cool, but not cold, temperatures. Heat can break down cannabinoids just like light. Keeping your weed below 70 degrees Fahrenheit helps prevent mold, keeps THC from breaking down, and avoids the risk of your bud getting brittle. 

Finally, keeping your cannabis at the right humidity level is crucial to keeping it fresh. Too much humidity can lead to your bud getting moldy, which makes it dangerous to use. On the other hand, too little moisture leads to dried-out flowers and less flavor, the hallmarks of stale cannabis. Keeping your bud between 55% and 65% humidity helps it stay fresher, longer. 

There are two equally good strategies for keeping your bud fresh. Here are the two best long term cannabis storage methods available today. 

Sealed Jars

If you’re looking to store a relatively small amount of bud, or you just want a DIY solution, then sealed, airtight jars are an excellent choice. Glass mason jars and aluminum or steel canisters with an airtight seal are excellent. 

Glass, aluminum, and stainless steel won’t react to the compounds in your weed. Meanwhile, an airtight seal prevents humidity changes from affecting your bud. Storing these jars in a cool, dark place, like a cupboard or drawer, will help you keep your weed fresh for months at a time. 

Cannabis Humidors

The other option for keeping weed fresh is a cannabis humidor. These devices control the light, temperature, and humidity exposure of your cannabis for you. They’re designed to help keep your cannabis fresh just like a cigar humidor protects tobacco. 

These options cost more upfront, but they also take a lot of the guesswork out of long term cannabis storage and can keep weed fresh for six to twelve months. 

There’s nothing worse than cannabis that’s gone bad, but it’s easy to prevent. By keeping your bud in airtight containers away from light and heat sources, you can keep good bud tasting great for months at a time.