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When it comes to legalizing cannabis, the main focus tends to be the ability to obtain and use medical and recreational products. What most don’t think about is the economic impact. As more states legalize cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, needs arise. These needs create cannabis jobs and provide a boost to the economy.

How Cannabis Legalization Affects the Economy

Legalizing cannabis isn’t just about people gaining access to products for medical and recreational use. It also provides a significant boost to the economy. For one, states place a tax on cannabis products. Every state sets its own cannabis tax rates. The funds collected go to different state programs.

Another significant economic impact of legalizing cannabis is that it creates jobs. With legal cannabis, states farms, dispensaries, and other businesses to create various products. They also need people to run these businesses. Creating jobs helps to reduce unemployment and crime rates. Jobs provide people with income, which those people can then put back into the economy.

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Types of Cannabis Jobs

Cannabis legalization creates numerous jobs. The Marijuana Business Factbook predicted that there would be between 240,000 and 295,000 cannabis jobs by the end of 2020. With five additional states legalizing cannabis starting in 2021, those numbers are likely to continue growing. If you’re considering getting into the industry, or you’re just curious about it, here are a few of the many potential options:

Dispensary COO

The dispensary chief operating officer is the person who oversees pretty much everything that goes on with a dispensary. They manage cultivation facility operations, supervise financial reporting, analyze and alter operations to improve efficiency, and so much more.


Budtenders are the people you see behind the counter at the dispensary. They have a significant amount of knowledge regarding the strains and products they sell to help individuals find the best options.

Master Grower

A master grower is someone who oversees the growth and cultivation of cannabis plants. They set standard procedures, create harvesting schedules, and ensure the cultivation of potent, quality cannabis. They do this all while meeting compliance regulations.


For those looking to get into cannabis growing, a trimmer is a great place to start. Trimmers remove buds from harvested plants, remove leaves, and dry the buds to prepare them for sale.

Extraction Technician

An extraction technician does the work of pulling cannabinoids and terpenes from plant matter, creating safe, high-quality extracts and concentrates. It’s a highly-skilled job that generally requires a Ph.D. in a science field.

Edibles Chef

An edibles chef is exactly as the job title states, a chef who creates cannabis-infused edible products. In addition to having a grasp of cooking and baking, an edibles chef must also know how to infuse foods for optimal effects.

Delivery Person

While cannabis delivery was around before the pandemic, these jobs have increased significantly afterward. A delivery person takes cannabis products to the customers and receives payment upon delivery.

For many, cannabis legalization is all about getting access to medical or recreational cannabis products. While this is true, legalization also creates jobs and generates tax revenue. The economic boost can help states thrive.