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Taking a bath is one of the most popular self-care tips, for both physical and mental stress. While there are few studies on the medical efficacy, many have reported that the effects of a hot bath can reduce stress and relieve symptoms of pain and inflammation. Cannabis bath bombs are an effective way to add to the therapeutic benefits of a hot bath. As the hot water opens your pores, the topical CBD and/or THC oil can better penetrate the skin. These cannabis-infused baths can create a relaxing and pain-relieving effect without the typical “high” of ingested cannabis.

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever used topical CBD oil or a topical patch, you might be familiar with how cannabis-infused bath bombs work. They release cannabis oil into the water, allowing your skin to absorb some of the product into your body. While this absorption isn’t as direct as smoking or ingesting cannabis, if the bath bombs have a high concentration and the heat of the bath has opened up your pores, the active ingredients may enter your bloodstream.

What’s the Effect of Cannabis Bath Bombs? 

The effects of a cannabis bath aren’t intensely psychoactive. Instead, they provide more of a “body high” that produces full-body relaxation. Some users report anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects, as well as overall pain relief.

Some research also suggests that the CBD in cannabis bath bombs can hydrate and repair the skin, as well as reduce levels of sebum.

cbd bath

Can They Get You High? 

CBD-only cannabis bath bombs have no potential for psychoactive effects. Even bath bombs with THC are unlikely to cause psychoactive effects or show up on a drug test.

Like other topical cannabis products—like gels, creams, and oils—the THC in bath bombs will be passively absorbed through the surface of your skin. Unless there’s an extremely high concentration of cannabis in the bath bomb, the THC won’t create a standard “high” effect.

Tips for Using Them

Each person may react differently to the effects of cannabis bath bombs, but these tips can help you fully enjoy your experience.

Use Hot Water 

Making the water as hot as possible—as hot as you can comfortably stand—will help your skin absorb the cannabis oil. It can also help release the active ingredients in the bath bomb.

Take Your Time 

The longer you soak in the tub, the more time you have to take in the cannabis. Aim for anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

Be Cautious 

If you haven’t used topical cannabis products or a cannabis bath bomb before, you might not be prepared for the effects. Experiences can include feeling relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, or even feeling like you’re floating.

Be cautious not to overdo it on your first try. Entering the water slowly or starting with a lower concentration can help you gauge how topical cannabis will affect your body.

Always Hydrate 

Many contain high levels of salt, which can dehydrate you if you’re spending a long time in the bath. Keep some drinking water next to the bath or ready to drink once you get out.

Add Extra Ingredients 

If you’re using them for the calming or pain-relieving effects, additional ingredients can help enhance the experience. Epsom or sea salts can help relax sore muscles. Essential oils like lavender or tea tree oil can provide aromatherapy for different needs.

Making the Most of the Experience 

Cannabis bath bombs are quickly becoming one of the most popular topical cannabis products. Taking the already relaxing and pain-relieving effects of a hot bath and enhancing it, cannabis bath bombs are a great way to experience the positive effects of CBD and THC without the typical high.